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Lion Chi Temple 70010


Get set for action at the Lion CHI Temple, a buildable fortress complete with vehicles and hidden traps. This amazing model will engage children 8 to 14 years of age with its fantastic look and assortment of accessories and minifigures. On this website you will find a full Lion Chi Temple 70010 Review.

LEGO Chima 70010 The Lion CHI Temple

Here at the most imposing Lion Chi Temple a battle of epic proportions for the Chi has started. The battle for the tribes is being pursued by Cragger, Crawley and Razar, who are striving to get to the sacred CHI orb which is ascending way above the temple. You must assist the tribes of the Lion and Eagle to defeat everyone and bring peace and order to Chima once more. Close the Lion Gate with a crash and you will see Cragger spiral down into the pit. Next you must find the concealed lion claw bikes and send them to cut off Crawley’s reptile raider Now you must launch the eagle drone fighter to ward off Razar’s assault from the air and also fir the rotating tower cannon. The pack comes with 7 minifigures with weapons: Lagravis, Laval, Long tooth, Ewald, Cragger, Crawley and Razar.

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